Traffic Lawyer FAQs

The law office of M Daniel Bach offers representation for many different legal issues regarding traffic violations and tickets for clients in New York City, Long Island, and the greater tri-state NYC area. From moving violations, such as speeding, stop signs, reckless driving, cell phone violations, driving with a suspended license to criminal cases like DUIs and DWIs, our law firm offers expert legal support.

Hiring the right traffic lawyer for your moving violations or DWI can go a long way and save you both time and money. Some people do decide to represent themselves in court when contesting a traffic ticket. However, this is not a move we recommend. It may seem easy in theory, as well as a way to save money. But you may do more harm than good. Learn more about how a lawyer can help with a traffic ticket. And read on for more frequently asked questions regarding lawyers for traffic violation.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Sure, you don't need to hire a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket or violation. However, it is often the smart move. We have experience working on these cases and know exactly how to approach them to ensure victory. It is not your job to show up in court, so most people simply do not have the experience handling these cases. Thus potentially causing more harm than good. When you hire a lawyer, you have a better likelihood of winning the case outright, lowering the fine, or simply getting the case dismissed. Which is a way to keep your insurance rates lower.

When you turn to M Daniel Bach, attorney at law, you will be getting an experience traffic lawyer who represents clients throughout Long Island the the greater New York City area. Call 212-904-1900 for a free, no obligation consultation. Get help to get your traffic ticket dismissed today!

When You May Need a Lawyer

As mentioned, you may not always need a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket. However, it is beneficial, especially for more serious traffic violations. Having a good lawyer on your side can lower the charges and/or lower any possible fines. This holds especially true for charges regarding misdemeanors, felonies, or DUIs, since these charges often carry jail time. Having a trusted lawyer on your side can win your day in court and avoid jail time and further punishment.