Law Office of M. Daniel Bach, PLLC A full service law firm that focuses on Administrative Hearings (TLC, DOB, ECB, DOT and DCA), Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant, Criminal Law, DWI, Wills & Uncontested Divorce

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Learn more about M. Daniel Bach's experience, education & bar admissions. As well as the many dependable legal services he provides his clients.

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A full-service law firm that focuses on administrative hearings, commercial leases, real estate, landlord/tenant issues, criminal law, DWI, wills & uncontested divorce.

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Welcome toThe Law Office of M. Daniel Bach, PLLC

Practicing since 1992, M. Daniel Bach, has represented clients in a variety of areas of law, always providing the best professional service.

The office has appeared at administrative hearings as an attorney for TLC, DOB, ECB, DOT and DCA violations. We have also attended various courts in New York City ranging from Small Claims and Civil Courts to the Supreme Courts in all five boroughs. He has also gone to Nassau County courts, ranging from the village and town courts to the District Court in Hempstead, NY. Additionally, the office represents individuals all over the New York area if they get traffic tickets, too. Learn how a lawyer can help with your traffic tickets!

Moreover, if one is thinking of starting a business Mr. Bach has years of experience reviewing commercial leases on behalf of tenants. We pride ourselves on being a full-service law firm for many in the NYC area.

Finally, he has also performed hundreds of real estate transactions for both Sellers and Purchasers for condominiums, co-ops and single-family houses.About Bach Law

M. Daniel Bach Attorney at Law

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