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Get Representation in NYC For Civil Litigation

Are you looking for a civil litigation lawyer in the greater NYC area? The Law Office of M Daniel Bach provides representation for civil cases throughout the greater NYC area. Clients often find themselves in legal disputes that require civil litigation, which entails the use of courts or arbitrators for adjudication. When that happens, we can get you out of that bind and represent you in court.

Whether you are on the receiving end of legal action or wishing to file legal action, our law office can be of service. For plaintiffs, the objective is to right a wrong, compel the adherence to an agreement, or to obtain compensation for an injury or some other damage that was suffered. On the other hand for defendants, they want to protect their rights in opposing the plaintiff's claim. Whatever side you are on, Bach Law has the experience to win the case.

So, whether you are the plaintiff in the case or the defendant, hiring a qualified civil litigation lawyer is crucial to your success in the case. The Law Office of M Daniel Bach represents both defendants and plaintiffs in various cases and circumstances. For a free, no-obligation consultation, please reach out to our law office today.

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You can also give us a call at 212-904-1900. When you get in touch with us, we can go over the parameters of your case and provide you with details on how we can help you win your case. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more about all that we can do for you.

Types of Business-Related Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses many different aspects in the world of law. Here are some aspects that fall under the umbrella of business-related civil litigation:

  • breach of contract
  • fraud
  • business disputes
  • non-compete covenants
  • unfair business practices
  • breakup or dissolution of a business
  • securities matters
  • employment litigation
  • breach of warranties

If these or any other business-related legal issues arise, do not hesitate to reach out to the best law office in the greater NYC area in regard to civil litigation. Our law office also handles commercial leases and administrative hearings.

Types of Personal Civil Litigation

Another common type of reason you need a civil litigation lawyer is for personal reasons. Here are some types of personal civil litigation some people need:

  • for personal injury
  • medical malpractice
  • product liability
  • nursing home neglect and/or abuse

So if these or any other personal reasons arise where you need a civil litigation lawyer in court, please reach out to our law office. We ably represent client throughout the NYC area.

Types of Real Estate & Construction Civil Litigation

Our law office can effectively handle different types of real estate and construction civil litigation cases. Here are some of the circumstances where many in the NYC area require a civil litigation lawyer.

  • landlord-tenant disputes & litigation
  • real estate and housing litigation
  • premises liability
  • construction defects

For a qualified hand when it comes to real estate and construction civil litigation, get a lawyer you can trust.

What is the Role of a Civil Litigation Lawyer

When it comes to civil litigation, the role of the lawyer is multi-faceted. We will have an initial consultation with you to help determine if your case has merit or if the case has the legal standing to fight against any potential accusations.

If we move forward with your civil litigation case, then we will begin the process of gathering evidence and interviewing people regarding the case. We will also prepare all of the documentation, which includes the brief, complaint, or answer.

Lastly, we will come to represent you in court. This involves presenting the gathered evidence, questioning the witnesses brought to the stand, and making the opening and closing statements. Choosing a lawyer is crucial to presenting a solid case and getting that desired positive verdict. Don't trust just anyone with something this important. Our law office is proud to represent clients across the greater NYC area.