Common Building Violations

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The law office of Daniel Bach handles a wide range of issues, which includes handling cases for building violations. We are a trusted place to turn to if you are looking for a DOB violations lawyer in the greater NYC area. Learn more about common violations for buildings.

Most Common Violations for Buildings

There are a few common reasons you be get a building violation. These range from environmental problems to structural. And if you land in legal troubles due to building violations, turn to the Law Office of M Danial Bach! Read on for more information about these common building violations.

Failure to Provide Adequate Heat and Hot Water

When you are the owner of a building, you need to maintain proper inside temperatures. 68 degrees when the temperature is below 55 degrees. And maintain 55 degrees when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees at night. This is a very common violation, since many keep it too cold. On top of the heat, the hot water for the building needs to maintain a minimum temperature of 120 degrees.

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors Missing

There needs to be one carbon monoxide detector and one smoke alarm in each long-term tenant's dwelling. However, the tenant is responsible for maintaining them. But when they are missing is when lawsuits happen.

Window & Doors Locks That Need a Key

There needs to be doors and windows that can be accessed without a key in case of an emergency. Failure to have proper emergency exits is a popular reason for lawsuits, since it can also lead to loss of life.

Mold and Pests

Tenants of course need to maintain a level of cleanliness to prevent the overgrowth of mold or the infiltration of pests. However, there are conditions that are the owner's responsibility and if they go unchecked result in excessive mold or pests, which then leads to lawsuits.

Lack of Accessibility

Recently. Title III passed. This is a landmark act in the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) and impacts builders, architects and other construction designers and building managers, since it changed how to build these buildings. When there is a lack of accessibility, then its a problem. This goes for new and old buildings.

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