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The law office of M Daniel Bach handles complaints and violations for DOB-ECB cases. We offer professional representation as a DOB-ECB violation lawyer for people throughout the greater New York City area. Over the years, we have gained experience as a leading lawyer for administrative hearings for various violations. You can trust our law firm to ably perform these tasks and help you win the case for your violation.

What is a DOB-ECB Violation?

A DOB-ECB violation is an infraction that is issued by a Department of Buildings (DOB) inspector. It is done in conjunction with an Environmental Control Board (ECB) hearing, which may result in a possible fine. In general, DOB-ECB violations are for the property where the infraction occurs. However, the violation itself goes to the owner. So it is crucial to know how to avoid this violation if you are a property owner.

The violation includes a description, hearing date, class designation, and a possible cure date. There are 3 class designations for DOB-ECB violations: 

  • Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous)
  • Class 2 (Hazardous)
  • Class 3 (Minor)

The penalties for these class vary in scale. More severe penalties for more hazardous infractions. Less so for the minor ones. But as a DOB-ECb violations lawyer, we take each and every case seriously and want these handled as soon as possible.

Class 1 DOB-ECB Violations

A Class 1 DOB-ECB violation is marked immediately hazardous and are the most severe penalty possible. No cures dates are offered for Class 1 violations. This makes it necessary for all named respondents to submit a Certificate of Correction, as well as attend a hearing and pay the subsequent fine. This is the only way to fully close the violation.

According to the Department of Buildings, proof of compliance for a Class 1 violation must be submitted immediately. And by immediately that means 75-90 days from the date of issue for the violation. Any failure to submit properly may result in additional penalties. Our law office can help handle these administrative details

How To Resolve DOB-ECB Violations

DOB-ECB violations are comprised of two separate components. The first component is the compliance requirement from the Department of Buildings. The second requirement is the hearing and potential fine through the Environmental Control Board. To fully close your DOB-ECB violation, you must satisfy both of these components.

In order to fully satisfy the compliance requirement from the Department of Buildings, you must file a Certificate of Correction to the DOB. Our law office can help with these administrative tasks and make sure you are complying with all of the steps in this process. It can be a tedious and difficult process, but with our professional attention you will ably comply with all of the requirements and not miss a step.

Cure Dates for New Class 2 and Class 3 Offenses

As mentioned, a Class 1 violation does not get a cure date due to the hazardous nature. However, if you are a first time offender of a Class 2 or Class 3 violation, you get a cure date. The cure date will be listed on the violation copy right next to the hearing date. When you submit the Certificate of Correction before the cure date, you may save both time and money.

When the cure date is listed, you also have the chance of simply admitting guilt by submitting the Certificate of Correction to the DOB. If approved, you do not have to attend any hearings to further deal with the matter. And thus the violation will be "cured" and you can move on. Saving you time and complications with the violation.

If you opt to not submit a Certificate of Correction before the cure date, then you are still required to submit one as a proof of compliance. Any failure to submit a Certificate of Correction for the proof of compliance will result in the violation remaining open. Which ultimately leads to escalated penalties in the case of Class 1 violations. Since the hearing process and corrections process are separate, you can submit a Certificate of Correction once all of the underlying conditions have been fixed. As a DOB-ECB violations lawyer, we can help you properly fill out these forms. And make sure you are following the guidelines required by NYC law.

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