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Are you looking for an experienced DUI defense attorney in the NYC area to represent you and get your case? Our law office has years of experience handling DUI cases and know exactly how to win your case and get it dismissed. When it comes to a DUI, the charges and convictions are not as bad as a DWI, but the results can still have a major impact on your life. As a result, finding a DUI attorney you can trust can go a long way into easing your worries. So do not hesitate to reach out to our law office.

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Get representation that can help get your case dropped to a lower level or win altogether. Based on the evidence, we will examine your case and come up with a winnable plan of action. Having a DUI can have a long-lasting impact on your life and driving record, so lowering them, if possible, can makes sure you are not unfairly suffering. Get in touch with our law office today.

DUI Arrest vs Conviction

Being arrested for a DUI is not the same thing as being convicted for it. An arrest happens when you are pulled over by a police officer and are removed from your vehicle due to impairment while driving. When this happens, you will be taken to the police station and registered. After the arrest, you will either be given probation or charged with a conviction depending on the available evidence.

The DUI conviction only happens at the end of the court session. So, you may or may not be convicted of the charges brought before a judge based on the available evidence and the strength of your defense case. When this is the case, a suitable legal defense is likely required and that is when you can turn to a law office like ours. We will fight for you to get your charges lowered or dismissed. 

Getting DUI charges dropped altogether is an unlikely scenario, but it happens. Having a skilled DUI defense attorney on your side can make it possible. If not dismissed, then lowering the charges for lighter penalties is also a winning outcome. Everything we do is based on the evidence presented. We do our best to win the case for you and have years of experience backing up our sterling reputation as a DUI defense attorney.

Damages a Drunk Driver May Be Held Accountable for

A drunk driver may be held responsible for these common issues due to their actions:

  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • endangerment of others
  • pain and suffering
  • death

At Back Law Office, we will examine the evidence and make sure the punishment fits the crime. If you believe the punishment is more than the crime or that the charges are incorrect, then we can review your case and be the DUI defense attorney you need.

DUI vs Reckless Driving

One of the common ways to lower your DUI charges is to change them to reckless driving charges. Reckless driving is not the same thing as a DUI, or a DWI for that matter, so it imposes a less severe punishment and thus becomes a winning outcome for those with a DUI or DWI charge. In general, reckless driving is understood as driving without regard for the safety of others, which may or may not have alcohol as a factor. When you get charged with reckless driving, serving time in prison is unlikely, whereas a DUI or DWI commonly comes with a prison sentence of some sort.

Bach Law Office: Experienced NYC DUI Attorney

We are located in New York City and help many throughout the greater NYC area with DUI cases. Get representation today to lower or win your DUI charge. When you get charged with a DUI, it is often difficult to find representation since the charges are difficult to overturn. However, our law office will review your case and find a way to fight for your case. And ensure you have fair representation in court if you believe the charges are wrong. Get in touch with our law office today.

When you reach out, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. On top of the representation we provide for DUIs, we also handle other types of traffic violations, including speeding tickets and moving violations.