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The law office of M. Daniel Bach is a trusted law firm that focuses on many different administrative hearings. When you turn to us, we can provide you with a lawyer to handle ECB violations throughout the NYC area, including Long Island. As an environmental control board violations lawyer, we will help you navigate the tricky terrain of these infractions and help you win your case. For more information about our representation, please contact us today.

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What An ECB Violations Lawyer Handles

An ECB violation is issued when a property is not in compliance with construction codes or zoning resolutions as set out by the New York City Construction Codes or Zoning Resolution. There are three classes of ECB violations: Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous), Class 2 (Major), and Class 3 (Lesser). When there is a violation, the Department of Buildings issues the notices.

When there is a violation, the notice will come with an order to correct the cited conditions. Some may include an additional order to certify the corrections and ensure everything was completed. The violator can challenge the violation at a hearing if they so choose. This is where we come in! The violator may face penalties they deem are not valid. Failure to appear at one of these hearings will result in penalties up to $25,000.

As your lawyer, we will make sure everything is in order with the ECB violations. We can even show up in court for you. We simply need the proper documentation. You can save both time and energy when you turn to the law office of M. Daniel Bach. We have years of experience handling a variety of cases. You can trust us to effectively handle your pending case.