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When you turn to the law office of M. Daniel Bach, you get unparalleled representation in New York and across Long Island. Mr Bach will appear in traffic court for you if the need arises. He has the ability to attend various traffic courts in New York City, as well as other courts ranging from Small Claims and Civil Courts to the Supreme Courts in all five boroughs. Mr Bach has also gone to Nassau County courts, ranging from the village and town courts to the District Court in Hempstead, NY.

So no matter where you are located on Long Island and New York, Daniel Bach will appear in court on your behalf to fight for you. If you need a traffic ticket lawyer you can trust, look no further than Bach Law!

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From minor traffic tickets, to DWIs, our law office can help you fight just about any sort of moving violation.

What Is Traffic Court Like?

One of the most common forms of court our law office helps with is traffic court. When a driver makes the decision to contest a traffic ticket, their next thought is likely about the need to appear in court. For many this is a hurdle too far and stops good, honest people from contesting traffic tickets. We proudly represent people in court to help them fight their traffic tickets.

Due to our years of experience representing people in traffic court, we have a great understanding of what goes on during the proceedings. It can be a difficult thing for someone to appear in court themselves without knowing what is going to happen. Let's take a quick look at what traffic court is like, so you can get the understanding of it and how our law office operates.

The Clerk Calls In The Parties

The court will first call in all the parties to the courtroom. The state gets represented by a prosecutor. And the defendant is either representing himself or has a lawyer represent the party.  Lastly, all witnesses will be called in. Our law office will ably represent you on your day in court.

The Judge Listens To The Motions

  • A motion is simply a request made based of a particular aspect of the case. Some common motions are:
  • a request to dismiss the case.
  • requesting continuance on the case.
  • request for the prosecution to give the defendant any of the officer's notes.

As your legal representative, we will make sure the right motion is filed on your behalf in an effort to win your case. This is where our legal expertise comes in. We understand exactly what needs to be done in order for you to win your traffic ticket.

What Happens Once the Hearing Begins?

Prior to any testimony, the prosecutor and the defendant make opening statements. Either party may waive their right to make an opening statement. After all opening statements are made, the following happens:

  • Prosecution presents witnesses
  • Defense presents witnesses
  • Prosecution makes closing statements
  • Defense makes closing statements

There is also an opportunity to question the prosecution witnesses, if this is part of your case. As your traffic ticket lawyer, we will make sure this is handled in a professional manner to benefit your case.

Does the Judge Give a Verdict?

At the end of the trial for the violation is when we receive the verdict from the judge. When it comes to traffic court cases, the judge may decide to take the matter under submission or advisement. What does this mean? Well, those terms mean the judge may want to wait to make a full decision instead of immediately coming to a decision after the closing arguments. There may also be an additional review or testimony before giving a verdict. All of these aspects will be handled in a professional manner by our law office.

Types of Sentencing for Traffic Court Hearings

The final sentencing for the traffic court depends on some factors. One major factor is how we, as your defense, handle the case. Due to our years of experience, we know how to represent our clients in a professional manner.

Obviously, if you are found not guilty, then there is no sentencing. But if the judge doesn't grant a "not guilty" verdict, then he may suspend the fine or reduce the fine of the traffic ticket or movie violation. As your traffic court defense lawyer, we will fight for your every step of the way. Ensuring your fine is reduced to the fullest extent of the law.

For more information about how we can become the traffic court defense lawyer for your case, please check out the information below and get in touch with us.

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